Richard and Mary Ann LaValley

Meet Richard and Mary Ann LaValley

The LaValley’s family involvement with the Sisters began at Christ the King parish and school, where all seven of their children completed their elementary schooling.

Richard and Mary Ann were very involved in their children’s education, both academically and spiritually and were greatly involved with the parish.

Richard’s motivation to give back stemmed from his belief that his faith required it and that success should be shared.

One of the primary motivators for his generosity was his challenging childhood – he was orphaned at age 10 and raised by a loving but far from well off extended family. He decided his best path forward was an education which was only made possible by enlisting in the armed services to qualify for the G.I. bill.

Richard attributed his success to his faith and educational opportunities. Most of his giving was therefore focused on need-based educational opportunities.



Among the LaValley’s contributions to the Notre Dame community are two scholarship funds they created at Notre Dame Academy through the family foundation: the St. Gerard Scholarship and The Leadership Challenge Scholarship. The NDA gymnasium is also named after Mary Ann.

The LaValley children continue to share Richard and Mary Ann’s deep faith and commitment to fostering and supporting Catholic education and the work of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

The children said they have witnessed the Sisters’ work, like that with Double ARC, which serves children born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). The Sisters’ work sets a precedence for serving those that need the help and assistance the most.

The LaValley Family said they all understand and appreciate the volume of good works the many women religious have made to Northwest Ohio through the gift of their lives of dedicated service. The Sisters of Notre Dame are extremely grateful to the LaValleys and the many other donors who support their faith-filled work.

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